Olympic & Powerlifting

about powerlifting classes

Whether you are a newbie or an experienced athlete, if you want to improve yourself and hone your physical condition, this is the place to be! Among our wide variety of CrossFit and fitness classes we offer a powerlifting services that meet no competition!

Our gym’s powerlifting classes offer everything you will need to meet and exceed your expectations. We have a schedule of open training hours, a highly dedicated powerlifting team, and a very client oriented personal training. The powerlifting classes are open three times a week for the three main lifts and assistance workouts: squats, benches, and deadlifts.  On top of that we offer scheduled (and unscheduled) accessory training weekly. Bringing in your own chalk and powder are always welcomed! Our powerlifting can be proud of having an all-competitions-ready set of quality equipment. The beauty of the CrossFit broad appeal is that it can be used to train anyone…

People whom we would recommend taking our CrossFit classes:
  • Professional athletes, preparing for competitions
  • Law enforcement officers, participating in an active duty
  • Amateur athletes with a mid to long experience in fitness